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The pandemic brought incredible economic hardship, causing unemployment that directly led to food insecurity among many residents.

At the same time, our restaurants, an economic and cultural treasure, have suffered, as have their employees.

I founded Appetite for Good to help the community solve both problems at once. We help both food insecure residents and restaurants make it through this time. When restaurants succeed, we help the many families that own them and work at them, preventing further economic hardship. We preserve our favorite gathering places and keep our restaurant corridors vibrant.

How does it work? It’s simple!

Buy vouchers for local restaurant meals on our donation platform.

Restaurants get 100% of your donation (we do not ask our restaurants for discounts or donations!), our nonprofit partners (currently Community Services Agency, and soon expanding to others!) get the restaurant vouchers to distribute, and you get a tax deduction for your in-kind donation! Everyone wins during this challenging time.

Thank you for supporting our amazing community. Together, we will get through the pandemic stronger, more united, and with a greater sense of community than ever before.

A homeless couple in Mountain View

It’s been a blessing to get a hot meal. Something you rarely get when homeless. Restaurants gave respect and kindness.”

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