For the Resturant

It’s simple. Using your current menu, pick a 1 person meal-offering of 3-6 menu items. Set one price that is fair for any of those items. We will put your offering on our drive site and take care of all the transactions for you. At the end of the drive, we will cash you out and get vouchers from you. Most restaurants use an existing gift card or customize one they can easily print. We can help you with this. We pass these out to our nonprofits, who distribute them over time to their clients. People will start redeeming the vouchers 1-3 weeks after you have been cashed out! Your effort is minimal.

FOr the Donor

In just a couple of clicks, you help a restaurant stay alive, help a family eat, and get a tax deduction. It’s a virtuous win-win-win cycle. Go to the site, pick your favorite restaurants, select a quantity of meals vouchers to buy, and check out. It takes 5 minutes, tops! 

For the recipient

Recipients get vouchers from CSA through several programs. They can go to the restaurant and order a meal of their choice, as noted on the voucher, at no cost. They typically have 2-3 months to redeem the voucher. Based on voucher recipients’ huge smiles, we know this experience is much more than a meal to them.

For the nonprofit

We would love to work with you. Drop us a line idarose@siliconvalleylink.com, and we’ll discuss how we can help you.